Passengers are encouraged to call or email MYGO Support if they suspect a driver is under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

MYGO will immediately suspend the driver’s access to the  App pending an investigation.

MYGO also actively monitors passenger feedback for indicators of a zero tolerance policy violation.

Less than 0.004% of MYGO rides to date have resulted in zero tolerance investigations.


MYGO automatically monitors passenger feedback for keywords that may indicate a violation of the zero tolerance policy. The MYGO Trust & Safety team reviews concerning comments. If a violation of the zero tolerance policy is suspected, the driver is suspended while the Trust & Safety team conducts an investigation.

The monitoring parameters are intentionally broad to ensure that MYGO errs on the side of caution. For example, passenger feedback containing the phrase “drug store” would trigger a Trust & Safety review because the word “drug” was used.

As a result, the overwhelming majority of the monitoring alerts prove to be nonactionable.


In the course of a zero tolerance investigation, MYGO will contact the passenger for further details relating to a suspected zero tolerance policy violation.

Prior passengers of a driver under investigation will be contacted if necessary.

If an investigation results in definitive evidence or even a strong suspicion of a zero tolerance policy violation, the driver will be permanently deactivated.


Zero Tolerance Policy