For Driver

Drivers earn meaningful, supplemental income a recent survey shows 66% of driver earnings are used to cover primary expenses like food, housing, and medical expenses.

Drivers require an extremely flexible schedule that adjusts to their personal obligations and availability — 95% of drivers feel flexible hours are very/extremely important.

This combination of income and flexibility with our benefits empowers drivers to start or maintain their own business — We offer share ownership to drivers who are loyal and hardworking. MYGO is our business together.

For User

Passengers have additional options — especially when public transit is not available or does not service an area of interest. MYGO is their preferred alternate mode of transportation.

Cashless transactions and enhanced safety approval  for passengers as well as drivers. Our transaction is safer and more convenient than competitors in the market. We adhere to Bank standards.

Passengers choosing MYGO for commuting, errands, medical appointments, and connecting to public transportation. Recent analysis shows that MYGO is becoming the preferred choice

For Communities

We promote communal integration — MYGO is committed to create opportunities for jobs and prosperity and reduce the wealth gap; and we launched our initiative to support job and wage growth in communities most in need of capital through setting up of Hubs

MYGO helps cities develop their economy that appeal to a growing demographic of car less households and self-employed generation. Our strategy and benefits creates prosperity and reduces the wealth gap as wealth is shared across all walks.

Our Impact