Muraliraj Seenivasan

Chief Operation Officer

I begin this by addressing with a sense of pride about our company and our collective efforts thus far. As I look back on where we first started — it is remarkable how much we have accomplished, not only in terms of performance but in our steadfast dedication to help consumers, partners and business communities. In 2019, we accelerated our products, services, technology, efforts and extended our presence nationwide with signing of 4 Hub branches in merely 4 months of official launching (we plan to open more hub branches as we continue to grow). In addition, we broadened our commitment to create opportunities for jobs and prosperity and reduce the wealth gap; we launched our initiative to support job and wage growth in communities most in need of capital. While it is too soon to assess the impact of these efforts, we’re seeing terrific results so far. We are proud to quote:

“Delivered As Promised”

We are excited to share this data-driven report  with you, which sheds light on the state-of-the-art. This report presents meaningful insights using a broad coverage of data sources and data points we’ve proudly accomplished. I feel very privileged to be both spearheading and developing this venture.  Having   seen   numerous   start-ups   and

companies ride the crest of the corporate venturing wave, I am breathing my passion for search to spur further future growth.

The data presented in this report illustrate how committed our newly-founded company is. This is a remarkable development, as the rapid rise of the company suggests important differences between low and high performing teams. Our high performing team are delivering value to this start-up and provides us a competitive advantage.

For MYGO, all things being equal, we expect an increase in all avenues of performance; customers on products, capabilities and deliverables.

In closing, While I have a deep and abiding faith in Malaysia and its extraordinary resiliency and capabilities, we do not have a divine right to success. Our challenges are significant, and we should not assume they will take care of themselves. Let us all do what we can to strengthen our exceptional union. I would like to express my deep gratitude and appreciation for the employees of MYGO. From this, I hope all readers gain an appreciation for the tremendous character and capabilities of our people and how they are helping communities around Malaysia and soon around the world.